I'm not writing this blog for you, I'm writing this blog for myself.

RE: Technical Interview Questions

Let's get real here.

I have struggled with motivation since last June (2020).

I had weeks where I had Arnold Schwarzenegger levels of motivation, followed by months of imitating a sloth with no limbs. Let's get it straight; I'm not someone who enjoys doing toy challenges that amount to f*ck all.

So here I am at attempt number n and I'm praying to all the internet gods (Zyzz do you hear me?) that having to write a blog post every day is going to keep me on the golden path to a much sought after role at FAANG, FAAMG or whatever we're calling it nowadays.

"Why put yourself through this?" You may ask.

Its a question that I've often asked myself too (often right after reading the answer to a question which requires dynamic programming). Because in reality, my life is really good; I'm a developer with 5 years experience, with a safe and lucrative job, with plenty of spare time to do the things I love with the people I love. I've hit the jackpot right?

So the answer to that question my friends is that I'm a stubborn prck. I want to get into one of these companies not because of the salary, not to put 'ex-google wnker' on my linked in profile after I leave, but because I want to prove to myself and all those shitty Leetcode 'programmers' (who think that single letter variable names are OK) that I can.

So thats it for today. Now f*ck off and go do some more Leetcode questions.

Love ya.

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This post itself motivates me, thank you.